Here Comes the Sun…

…and I say it’s alright. Little darlin’ it’s been a long, cold, lonely winter.

Yes I’m sitting on my couch finally writing a blog post with the windows open, a warm breeze tickling my skin, + the Beatles strumming through my speakers. Warm weather, blooming flowers, + sunny days seem to have FINALLY arrived in Korea. Between Korean class, officially “moving in”, adventuring, + being oh so lazy I haven’t had the time (or the drive) to write a blog post in awhile . Really I just don’t think my life is interesting + “new” anymore. But every once in a while I stop + say to myself, “I LIVE IN KOREA. I LIVE HERE. IN ASIA. LIKE WOW..”. Then I realize how NOT normal my life is (minus the netflix binges, mounds of dirty laundry I put off washing, + eating cereal for dinner 4/7 days of the week). For those wondering, we have completely settled in. To the point that I feel like I belong, a local if you will. But don’t be fooled, I still experience many “eyebrow raising” moments every week.. I just come to expect it now. Removing my shoes + sitting on the floor when I go out to eat? so ordinary that I have an emergency pair of socks in my backpack for when i’m wearing sandals. People brushing their teeth in dark corners of the subway? yup, normal. Skinned dogs being sold next to live eel in the market? stinky but whatev. Selfie sticks EVERYWHERE you go? DUH. Bongo trucks running every red light + throwing on their hazards instead of using blinkers? So customary that i’ve started doing it! (hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. #amirite?) Naked spa days have become a weekly ritual for my friend + I (we don’t even giggle anymore). Remember one of my first posts where I talked about Koreans eating whole garlic cloves raw with their meals? Ya, I now do that too.. AND I LOVE IT. I live in the Republic of Korea. I love my life. I hope all of you find joy in all the nooks + crannies of your life. We have much to smile about friends 🙂

Oh + to prove that I didn’t just binge on netflix for the past little bit…  Check it-

unnamedFINALLY getting our house hold goods… Korean style! (sorry for the sucky phone pics)

IMG_2533Liege waffles in the middle of Seoul. Yes please!

unnamedKorean Class… When I do go, I feel like a 2yr old adult just making weird sounds + trying to sound out one syllable at a time with a glazed over expression.

unnamedFlower market fun! 

unnamedMultiple buildings, multiple floors, multiple vendors = every plant imaginable

IMG_2692Our local market within walking distance of our house. Beautiful produce galore!



IMG_2706Straight chillin’ with the realest OG’s in town

IMG_2720Trying to keep things alive. Keyword *trying*

IMG_2599yummy street food eats

IMG_2616Our favorite “hotteok”. A sticky Korean pancake filled with a nutty, cinnamon sugar center.

IMG_2564entrance to one of the “5 Grand Palaces” of  Seoul





IMG_2561throwin’ up the Korean pride signs

IMG_2581…and welcome to Namdaemun Market- the oldest + largest market in all of Korea.

IMG_2582girls just wanna have fun!


IMG_2585live eel ready for purchase


IMG_2600organized disarray.. 


unnamedBATTERED + fried spiral potato stick. 1 ticket for the fatty express please + thank you!


unnamedAt least a once a week occurrence

unnamedKorean coffee shops > American coffee shops

unnamed“honey bread” = glorified buttery, honey, carmel toast. (insert heart eyes emoji)


unnamed75 plus army brats + embassy kids at the Namsan Tower (overlooks all of Seoul). My girl Amy + I got to join the fun as youth conference chaperones. Try taking that many 12-18 yr olds through the subway in a foreign country, I dare you! 

unnamedBut really we had more fun than the teenagers we were supposed to be chaperoning.

unnamedHi, my name is little v and i’m 12.

unnamedlocks of love



unnamedYouth Conference Rocks. #losers

unnamedOur Camp Humphreys branch

unnamedSo by the end of our last spa day, Amy + I were famished (I mean, lying naked in hot pools of water makes you work up an appetite like no other) so we went to the only food stand open in the spa (the cafeteria was closed that day) + what do ya know? No english menus, no english speakers. So we did the best we could with google translate apps + played the guessing game…

unnamedHere were the results- miso soup with crunchy, fish flavored floaties, mandu dumplings, a double fried corn dog with potato chunks in the batter, + a churro.

unnamedDay trip to Daejeon in search of cherry blossoms. Creeping on cute korean college girls seemed like a good idea at the time. 




IMG_2732Easter sunday

IMG_2773Cherry Blossom Festival in Seoul! 


IMG_2780when you’re an American, childless, + living in Korea; you find flock together




IMG_28353rd wheelin’


IMG_2843got stuck in a moshpit of asians who were enthusiastic for some reggae kpop

IMG_2853too funny to not take a picture


IMG_2870*cheese alert*

IMG_2872Street performers









IMG_2925The National Assembly of South Korea

IMG_2927street food- squid this time!

IMG_2934cotton candy the size of my torso.. YES PLEASE.


Until next time lovies-

xoxo, V

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