Vanessa (also known as: little v, Ness, V, Van)

Born in the sunshine state and grew up all over the south east. I claim the panhandle of Florida, Greenville South Carolina,  small town Alabama, and a touch of appalachia Tennessee as home. I moved west, to Utah, for adventure, freedom, and an education. I met and married a cute Hawaii grown soldier (Josiah), whom I love and married him partly because he was a soldier (those uniforms!!). Army life treats us well and feeds our hunger for adventure. We’re currently stationed in Texas after living in South Korea and Italy for four years. I am momma to my baby boy, Golden Wilde and our newest addition, Indigo June. Food, travel, people, tattoos and different religions intrigue me. I am madly in love with scooters, Indian culture, leather jackets, self help books, pixie haircuts, folk music, babies with pierced ears, backpacks, natural childbirth, Angelina Jolie, tacos, womanhood, and every beach in the world.

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