Birthday Buddha

So if you didn’t already know, Asia is big into buddhism, zen, + awakening your inner spirituality. Around 25% of South Koreans are active buddhist (equal to the amount of christians) + an even larger majority claim a buddhist background + culture. You can drive 30 minutes in practically any direction + find a quiet temple to visit. I’m embarrassed to admit that I didn’t (+ still don’t) know very much about this religion/philosophy. It’s actually been quite interesting studying up on the basic beliefs of buddhist.. In fact, I consider myself buddhist in many ways (+ really everyone should!). It’s less of a religion + more of a philosophy or mindset set upon the 4 noble truths + the commitment to lead a moral life, to remember to be aware of all thoughts + actions, + to develop wisdom or understanding. So just like American’s celebrate Thanksgiving + Christmas, celebrating Buddha’s birthday is a big deal here.The Lotus Lantern Festival is held every year in honor of Buddha’s Birth + is one of the biggest celebrations (for the occasion) in Asia. The festival is preceded by the hanging of lotus-shaped lanterns across Seoul for several weeks, + officially kicks off with lighting of the Jangeumdang, a large lantern that symbolizes Buddhism + Buddha’s Birthday, + ends with an epic parade down the main street in Seoul. If you think the Macy’s Day parade is a big deal then come to Korea for the lantern fest. I think it is proportionately better in every way minus the fact that there never seems to be food vendors around Korean parades (it makes for an easier clean up I must say!). Even though every float + the hundreds of lanterns used were all absolutely gorgeous, the best part really was watching the pride + joy on the local spectators’ faces. Young + old cheered the parade on. I was shocked by how many elderly people were not only watching from the sidelines, but a part of it! Such a unique experience to partake of. Enjoy the pics below loves- IMG_3052 IMG_3051 IMG_3061 IMG_3065_2 IMG_3069 IMG_3074 IMG_3075 IMG_3080 IMG_3081 IMG_3083 IMG_3084 IMG_3085 IMG_3087 IMG_3088 IMG_3090

IMG_3093*warrior bun envy*

IMG_3096 IMG_3098 IMG_3109 IMG_3111 IMG_3112 IMG_3116_2 IMG_3121

IMG_3127_2I feel ya, got mucho love for Starbucks too man.


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IMG_3228The detail that goes into these…

IMG_3232 IMG_3241

IMG_3244Paying homage to ‘Merica!

IMG_3251 IMG_3253_2 IMG_3255 IMG_3267 IMG_3304 IMG_3305 IMG_3321_2

IMG_3334When someone gets in your way, steal their shot. 

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